There is no doubt that Gregg Popovich has had a Hall of Fame career. Even though the San Antonio Spurs never won back to back titles, their longevity qualifies them as a dynasty. Just like Bill Bellichick, no one will ever be able to take the championships away. But as more and more time passes Popovich isn’t able to duplicate the same success that he enjoyed with Tim Duncan as his star.

Going back to the beginning of Gregg Popovich’s NBA coaching career, it all began under controversial circumstances. Popovich was the general manager and he fired then coach Bob Hill and appointed himself as the new coach. At that point, the extent of Popvich’s coaching career was 8 seasons at division 3, Pomona Pitzer. At Pomona his teams went 76-129. The Spurs proceeded to tank the remainder of that season and won the number one pick who turned out to be Tim Duncan.

Duncan played 20 years and with him and Popovich won titles. He won against all time competition including the Shaq and Kobe Lakers as well and Lebron’s Miami Heat teams. But times change and Gregg Popovich hasn’t been good for years since he ran Kawhi Leonard out of San Antonio.

It’s ironic how Popovich has been able to survive so many years of mediocrity without damaging his reputation. Phil Jackson won 11

NBA Championships as a coach, but could not survive a failed tenure as New York Knicks President. Ironically, that failure tarnished his coaching legacy. But it seems nothing can ruin Popovich’s reputation.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the Spurs latest franchise player, Victor Wembanyama. Wembanyama has been hailed as the greatest prospect in NBA history. Which is what makes the roster construct of this Spurs team that much more puzzling. Even the most casual basketball fan knows that a big man’s best friend is a point guard. But Popovich and the Spurs decided that they didn’t need a point guard, despite having a 7’5″ generational prospect . It makes no sense. Not only that, but he gave the ball to another French man, who is trying to establish himself in the league.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Wemby’s teammates were jealous of his fame, and specifically don’t look to pass him the ball. Plus, Popovich admitted early in the season that he didn’t have a plan and was letting Wemby figure it out on the fly. The NBA is a guards game. So without any coaching strategy or structure, a big man will suffer. See Nikola Jokic in the All Star game.

This off season will be a big one for Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs. They need new players as well as a new plan. it’s going to be a daunting task because it’s questionable whether any of their other current players have any value across the league. But great coaches typically overcome these type of circumstances. Time will tell if Gregg Popovich is still a great coach because this year he was not.

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