Everything changed for Katt Williams after his appearance on Club Shay Shay. On that show he mentioned that he wouldn’t be on Joe Rogan. A couple months later, here he is. Katt Williams on the Joe Rogan was an experience.

The direction of the conversation with Rogan was unexpected. They touched on what seemed like every conspiracy. That’s not surprising for an episode of Rogan. But the fact that Katt Williams had intelligent explanations for seemingly everything was surprising.

It seemed like Joe was setting Katt up when he asked, why Blacks smoke menthol cigarettes. Katt even said, “You are going to get us canceled,” as a joke. But then he proceeded to give a logical answer. He said that Blacks like stronger products. The answer was simple, but it makes perfect sense. At that moment, the tone of the interview changed. You could tell in Rogan’s facial expressions that at that moment, Katt earned his respect.

After that it was up and they talked about a variety of issues from politics to ancient civilizations. It was a very deep conversation that lasted over 3 hours, but we know the simple parts that the media will focus on.

Katt reiterated the claim that he read over 3000 books. He even explained how it is possible. But no one is going to believe. There is a hint of racism in people’s refusal to believe in his reading habits because it’s almost as if they inherently believe Blacks are inferior. No way a Black man could read that much.

This interview proved to me that he does read a lot because he has wide range of knowledge that can only come from reading many books. The things he was saying aren’t specifically in books, you have to read many books, and eventually come to the conclusion on your own based on the knowledge you obtained.

However good I thought the interview was, the big takeaway will be when he linked Baphomet, the pagan idol, to the transgender movement. Some will not be able to get past that, and miss how powerful this Katt Williams interview was. He is a polarizing figure, but I think he earned a lot of people’s respect with this interview.

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