Ex Baltimore Cop Interview with Joe Rogan

After hearing ex Baltimore cop, Michael A Wood Jr, expose the truth behind the inherent racism in the police practices, there is hope for change.  Wood is also an ex-marine so his credibility is impeccable, which is why it was such a big deal when he started tweeting about the injustices he witnessed as a member of the Baltimore Police Department.

The tweets were only the beginning as Wood got more in-depth in regards to the problem in an interview with Joe Rogan.  Wood spoke of the sometimes sub-conscious targeting of young Black males, and the vicious cycle.  They seem to commit more crimes because the police harass them.

But Woods wasn’t just talking about the problem he offered a solution.  Woods stated that 90% of the arrests are for drugs, so if we got rid of the war on drugs then it would ultimately make things better.  Woods compared it to alcohol, where during prohibition there were gangs, but once alcohol was legalized the violence subsided.   Most are probably not ready for that, but at least now they have to acknowledge that there is a problem.

Full Michael A Wood Jr Interview with Joe Rogan

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