Carmelo Anthony in Cuba

Carmelo Anthony has partnered with Vice Sports for a new web series, Stay Melo, centered around his life and interests.  In the first episode Melo travels to Cuba for the New York Cosmos soccer match against the Cuban National Team.  Melo also traveled through the urban areas to explore the growth of the sport in Cuba.  Coincidentally he recently bought Puerto Rican FC, a North American Soccer League team who will begin play in 2016.

It’s good that Melo seems to be doing something good, even if it is for profit, but it begs the question how important is basketball to him? It just doesn’t seem natural that he is this into soccer.  It’s smart because if soccer keeps gaining popularity in America, then his team will be very lucrative.  With all these business interests, it seems that basketball is just a check.

Coming off the season that the New York Knicks had it is surprising that Melo is showing his face anywhere, let alone having his own show.  Even though he was injured some of the time, the Knicks were pretty bad with him, so he has something to prove.  The whispers of whether Carmelo Anthony is a superstar have started, so he has a lot to prove this upcoming season.  Hopefully he is putting in the work because New York can be brutal when they turn on you.

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