Chris Tang-  On the Road to Big Things?

Chris Tang is a junior guard at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia.  He is a 6’3″ combo guard, whose life changed after Linsanity.  Tang is Chinese, so after Linsanity he was constantly compared to Jeremy Lin.

Tang is a different type of player as he is more athletic, and he would rather be compared to a Dwayne Wade.  Tang is more influenced by Yao Ming, which is why I think we will start to see an influx of Asian players in the NBA in the coming years.  This generation of Asian players has grown up watching the NBA because of Yao, plus NBA players go over there every chance they get because they want to build their global brand, but in the process they are also sharing knowledge.

So these Asian children have the blue print, and they are no stranger to hard work so sky is the limit.  Chris Tang may or may not turn out to be an NBA star, but he will be a key figure in the Asian basketball movement at the very least because he showed them another way by coming to America and succeeding.

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