Future and Drake Life is Good video

Drake should be thanking Meek Mill because is seems since their beef Drake got even bigger.  The Drake Mixtape collaboration with Future, ‘What a Time to be Alive‘, is Drake showing the industry that he is bigger than the game.  

The project released out of the blue with no build-up, but based on the buzz, it should still be successful.  Drake is definitely trying to maximize his brand.

According to Rolling Stone, Drake traveled to Atlanta for 6 days to do some songs with Future, and when they got in the studio they made an album.  It seems like this is a test run to see if the idea works because Drake and Future had rumored issues in the past.

Hopefully this is works out is the start of a new trend. It would be nice to get more super star artist compilations . But after how the Jay Z and R Kelly partnership ended. it’s easy to understand why it doesn’t happen more often. The best artists have big personalities that may not mesh well others especially others with a similar personality.

Drake Mixtape with Future Tracklist

1. “Digital Dash” (Prod. Metro Boomin + Southside)
2. “Big Rings” (Prod. Metro Boomin)
3. “Live From The Gutter” (Prod. Boi-1da + Metro Boomin)
4. “Diamonds Dancing” (Prod. Metro Boomin, Allen Ritter + Frank Dukes)
5. “Scholarships” (Prod. Metro Boomin)
6. “Plastic Bag” (Prod. Neenyo)
7. “I’m The Plug” (Prod. Soutside)
8. “Change Locations” (Prod. Noel)
9. “Jumpman” (Prod. Metro Boomin)
10. “Jersey” (Prod. Metro Boomin + Southside)
11. “30 For 30 Freestyle” (Prod. Noah “40” Shebib)

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