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Jalen Rose made a post on X that has many believing that he was calling out Stephen A Smith. Stephen A has been at the center of controversy because of his remarks regarding Zion Williamson. So, based on that, people think Jalen was addressing Stephen A Smith when he spoke of himself not selling out or clout chasing.

The New Orleans Pelicans organization responded to Smith with a hilarious video where they question his basketball acumen. They criticized his basketball career and showed video of how bad he is now as a shooter. Even Pelicans broadcaster and former NBA player, Antonio Daniels, got in on the criticism calling it a lazy take. So there was no shortage of support for Zion.

Which is why I find it hard to believe that Jalen was actually calling out Stephen A Smith. There was an incident a year ago where Rose posted about he is glad he didn’t make a career of fake trolling the Cowboys. People assumed that was about Smith considering he trolls the Cowboys regularly. But Jalen came out and said that it was about Skip Bayless. Skip Bayless is a Cowboy fan so that made no sense. It isn’t surprising considering he was still employed at ESPN at that point, and they have made him apologize before.

Considering all of that Jalen Rose is in no position to criticize Stephen A Smith now. He claims different, but it’s clear that Stephen A stole his wife. There are too many circumstances to deny. The way that Molly and Stephen A flirt on air. Plus her role on the show grew substantially after the divorce. No longer is she just a moderator, but she also gives opinions. Plus, she now gets to criticize Stephen A when Max Kellerman was kicked off the show for less.

There is a video with Molly continuously being put in compromising positions over the years. From her time at NFL network continuing to ESPN. At what point do we establish that is just how she gets down. In this “Me Too” era, women do not have to put up with that unless they want to.

Molly Qerim compromising positions on television

If there is any animosity between Jalen Rose and Stephen A Smith, Molly is the root of it. I can imagine that Jalen wanted to respond back then. But he didn’t. He downplayed that the possibility that Smith and Qerim were in a relationship. Jalen even worked with Stephen A on NBA Countdown after that. He missed his chance to go at Stephen A, at this point he just needs to let it go.

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