Football helmets are advancing with Riddell unveiling its new football helmet with sensors.  The sensors in the helmet will alert coaches and/or medical personnel when a player has a head trauma.  The sensor will provide information on the specific player and how powerful a head trauma was received.  It’s ironic that the helmet launch coincides with the NFL ending its official helmet deal with Riddell.

Its logical to wonder if concussions would have become a problem if there was competition among helmet manufacturers.  Competition breeds innovation, and it is not far fetched to think that competition in the helmet industry would have led to safer helmets long ago if there was competition.  The issue will be litigated in the court systems for years to come, but hopefully the next generation of helmets will make it to the NFL because the referees are taking too much control of the game in order to try to make it safer.

Find Out More About Riddell’s Monitoring System

Riddell’s Football Helmets with sensors

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