ESPN announced that it added Tim Tebow as an analyst for their new SEC Network .  Tim Tebow will be an analyst on the new “SEC Nation” show that will be similar to “College Gameday.”  Tebow has bounced back from being cut by the Patriots in a big way, as he could be on a Kirk Herbstreit path to success.  But that’s not enough for Tebow.  In Tebow’s released statement about his position at ESPN, he left open the possibility of returning to the NFL as a quarterback.

Why doesn’t he let it go? At this point it’s obvious that Tebow will never be a NFL quarterback because he wants to be given an opportunity, and not possibly prove himself in a lesser league first.  The fact that he has decline chances to show his quarterback acumen outside of the NFL shows that he doesn’t really want to play in the NFL.  There are many players who were quarterbacks at some point, but changed their position whether it be in college or the pros because they loved the game and wanted to play.

Now Tebow is using the game for his own personal gain.  Why else does Tebow keep the story going? It’s almost as if he is chasing the headlines.  Tebow is a natural fit for a college coach,  if he loved football like he says and doesn’t want to play outside the NFL then he should follow the coaching path, or at least give his new analyst job his focus.  Tebow has the type of stature where it seems beneath him to keep begging for NFL chances; he’s better than that.



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