Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe thinks a conspiracy is the reason that he is out of the NFL and penned an article for that detailed his experience.  Kluwe  felt an obligation to use his ‘fame’ for good, and he was very vocal about the Minnesota same-sex marriage referendum, but he failed to mention how he criticized the Pope.   According to Kluwe, he believes that his comments on same-sex marriage led to his release from the Vikings, and the reason he has yet to catch on with another NFL team.    Kluwe exemplifies how the new generation athletes feel about themselves, if you consider him an athlete.  The NFL recently confirmed that punters are defenseless players, so the timing of this article is ironic to say the least.  Claiming a conspiracy makes Kluwe seem arrogant because he is making waves like you can’t find a punter on the street.  They aren’t big, and they don’t need much athletic ability.  Kluwe’s situation may even worse than former Indianapolis Colts kicker, Mike Vanderjagt

Peyton Manning Rips Mike Vanderjagt


Vanderjagt ripped his own team in an interview after a playoff loss saying he wasn’t a Colts fan even though he was under contract,  Tony Dungy was too nice to succeed , and Peyton Manning and other Colts players didn’t have passion for the game.  Peyton Manning responded by calling him ‘an idiot kicker’ and that’s what he has been ever since.  Needless to say that was the beginning of the end for Vanderjagt, and he is still the object of ridicule .  Obviously Chris Kluwe didn’t know the Vanderjagt story, or he was feeling himself way too much because Vanderjagt was the most accurate kicker in the game by percentage, and that didn’t save him.  It is admirable that Chris Kluwe wanted to speak up on social issues, but he needs to accept the consequences of his actions that is the point of having the courage to speak up.  Chris Kluwe’s problem was that he wanted to stand up for everything, but didn’t want to deal with the repercussions.  He mentions that he thinks his release was because of his views on same-sex marriage, but he glossed over how he criticized the Pope and the Catholic church when the Pope stepped down.  That didn’t matter, it was also about a Minnesota same-sex marriage was more likely the criticism of the Pope and the Catholic church.  Chris Kluwe may have been ‘ liquored up’ too if he thought as a punter he was in a position where he could make waves and still be safe.

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