Mary Elizabeth Croft, author of “How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man,” a spiritual economics book, broke down her conspiracy beliefs in a detailed interview.  Croft goes into great detail in this extended interview, but basically she contends that governments all over the world are bankrupt because they defaulted on their loans from the World Bank.

Since the governments are bankrupt, the entities that we think are the government are just corporations and their laws are only legally binding to their employees. She also contends that since there aren’t enough natural resources, people are the resource and thus the system was set-up to make sure that people could perform to the best of their ability, what ever that may be.  To that end our social security number entitles us to a credit line through a treasury account for our necessities from corporations.

In theory whenever we need a good or service from a corporation, then we should just sign a note to have the corporation’s debt offset by the value of the product that we were GIVEN.  The logic is that the corporation borrowed money to make the good, and therefore you signing for it and not surrendering cash should just reduce their debt.  By us paying for the goods we are just increasing the debt because theoretically the company is taking on more debt by people providing them with cash.

The system has enslaved people as a whole not just urban areas, but in reality, according to Croft, everything we need or want has been prepaid and if you have the proper IRS forms then you can get everything back.   Some may think this another ridiculous conspiracy theory, but it makes a lot of sense.

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