Check out ‘The Top 20 Cartoon Conspiracy Theories‘ from @blameitonjorge.  Some may think that analyzing cartoons is insignificant, but cartoons and children shows are the first step to the indoctrination process.  Even though the concepts introduced in the children shows are to complex for children to understand, it puts ideas in their mind for future reference when children grow into adults.  Watching this documentary was eye-opening because it shows that many of us don’t understand what we saw to as children.

This video is crazy and it will ruin your childhood thinking about a deeper meaning, but it makes sense.  Dr. Claw is the real Inspector Gadget and the character we know as Inspector Gadget is a robot created by his niece Penny?  Scooby Doo was making a statement about life after the depression? The Smurfs were Nazis? Dora the Explorer has down syndrome? Donald Duck has PTSD? It’s crazy to think that these were shows for children that many of us grew up on.

It gives a different perspective on life today because the moral decline of society may not just be happen stance.  Who knows the impact these cartoons had on development? Even though children don’t understand what is going on in the cartoon, just seeing the cartoons can put an idea in their head that will manifest itself later in life.  It’s crazy to even consider the possibilities if cartoons have an agenda.


Watch Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

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