Liverpool FC has a rich history, but since they haven’t had much recent success, they have to think outside the box.  It started with the reality show, Being: Liverpool.  That show mobilized their fan base and exposed them to new fans.  Then the team started winning again. Last year The Reds narrowly missed out on the Premier League title, but never one to rest on their laurels they are still looking to improve the roster.

Liverpool FC parted ways with star striker Luis Suarez, so there was a hole to fill at forward.  They chose to fill it with former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli.

The  choice of Balotelli is significant because he will join Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge to give Liverpool 3 prominent ‘Black’ goal scorers.  Goal scoring is a glamorous position.  So it is rare to see a conglomerate like this.  In fùtbol (soccer) teams travel to many countries with many questionable beliefs to say the least.

Spain is so known for throwing bananas at ‘black’ players. Dani Alves of Barcelona took a stand and ate a banana thrown at him.  That set off an international media campaign to stop racism.  There has been progress, but racism is something engrained in many cultures.  At Euro 2012, not only Spain, but Croatia and Russia as well got charged for the racial abuse of their fans.  The prime target of that abuse was Italy’s star Mario Baloteli.

Mario Balotelli is a great talent, but he has a bad reputation.  He is often criticized in the media because no one empathized with his side of the story.  Balotelli was subject to racists chants while he is training to play for Italy.  It alsohappened while he played for the AC Milan of Italian Serie A.

Not having any safe haven will wear on you, and it has with Balotelli.  Hopefully in Liverpool, between the 3 ‘black’ players, they will be able to help each other because in Champions League play the further they go, the uglier it could get.  But the way to combat all the negativity is to win hardware.  Balotelli, Sturridge, and Sterling can do something great.  Liverpool FC is counting on them seeing it that way.

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