Looking back, cartoons were more influential than ever imagined.  Disney’s Donald Duck in ‘Mathmagic Land‘, made in 1959, is the best example of cartoons being used to promote thought.  Seeing this cartoon explains the differences between the generations because over time the cartoons got less and less thought-provoking, and that led to diminished mental capacity for the generation as a whole.  If you don’t use it you will lose it.  There are many conspiracy theories in connection to freemasonry and Disney because as a company they have been at the forefront of less importance being placed on intelligence.

There was a shift in focus after 1959 because educational cartoons are hard to find, let alone one promoting math.  It’s ironic because over time mathematics has become hated by the masses.  So many people are adverse to math, but they don’t understand how math affects everyday life.  In schools usually children don’t like math because they think it doesn’t matter in real life, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Mathematics is the basis for everything in nature, music, and architecture, but mathematics is also the basis for many of the games we play and watch.  Baseball, football, and basketball are all based on mathematics and geometry.  Athletic ability is a factor, but at the highest level it is still about precision and mathematical execution.  It is a myth that mathematics don’t matter.  Some would say the fact that people question mathematics is part of a grand conspiracy, but with the internet if someone seeks knowledge they will find it, so there is no excuse.

 Donald Duck learns Sacred Geometry in Mathmagic Land

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