Kobe Bryant sat down with Jimmy Fallon to speak about his upcoming documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” that will début February 28th on Showtime.  Kobe and Fallon reminisced about their first meeting years ago in 1996, when they were at a party and had to go on a beer run.  Kobe also gave a glimpse into his post-basketball career by speaking about his new company, Kobe Inc.

It’s great to see this new kinder and gentler Kobe because we get to hear some behind the scenes insight to his path to becoming a legend, but in another sense it is sad.  This new attitude of Kobe  signifies the end of his basketball career is near, and that is sad.  Kobe is the last connection to the Michael Jordan era, when player where about winning instead of building a brand.

Kobe is a throwback to a time when players were players.  Players appreciated the ridiculous money they made playing basketball, and that satisfied them.  Not to imply that time was better because players are more well-rounded socially now, but with social consciousness comes the realization that they just play a game.  That realization leads to players not taking the game as seriously.  There was never a question to how serious Kobe took the game.  He wanted to surpass Michael Jordan, and everything was done with that goal in mind.  Whenever his basketball life comes to an end, we will miss that drive and determination because we will probably never see it again.


 Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Fallon

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