Vice News traveled to Peru for the documentary, Peru: The New King of Cocaine.  In the documentary Vice News speaks with government officials from the United States and Peru about how Peru became the world’s top cocaine producer, and the plan to stop it.

The ‘war on drugs’ has been going on for years, and nothing has really changed.  With so much money at stake, it is questionable whether anything or anyone can completely eradicate the drug trade.  It is basic economics.  Demand will create supply.

The basic  principals of capitalism require the drug trade to exist.  That is why it is somewhat suspicious there is talk of stopping the drug trade, especially from a developing country.  The economy has benefited from the rise in cocaine production, and is hurting now that cocaine production is being slowed.  It’s like cutting off their nose to spite the face.  Their economy isn’t strong enough yet to survive without cocaine, which is what makes it more suspicious.  Does the government want the country to survive? Or are they driven by personal ambitions or goals?

Vice News – Peru King of Cocaine

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