It has been reported that the New York Knicks reached a buyout agreement with Amare Stoudemire.  Stoudemire’s tenure in New York won’t be remembered fondly, but that shouldn’t be the case.  Stoudemire signed with New York after they struck out on the bigger names in the 2010 free agent class.  The relationship started off great, but it was the Knicks organization and to a lesser extent the city that ruined it.  The Knicks were winning, and the city was on fire, so it was the big stage that NBA players crave

Enter Carmelo Anthony, who forced his way into New York, and in the process ruined the Knicks franchise for years to come.  But Stoudemire took the blame for everything bad that happened.  Not only did the Knicks give up 3 starters to get Carmelo, but Carmelo’s game doesn’t blend with Stoudemire’s, so Stoudemire had to take a backseat.  Amare didn’t complain as he took his lumps in the media for being unable to live up to his $100 million contract, while Carmelo, the superstar, got a free pass. He never bad mouthed Carmelo, and he fell in line. That’s probably why the Knicks did the right thing and bought Amare out.

Even though Amare wasn’t a good fit for the Knicks, he can still contribute on a good team. Reports say the Dallas Mavericks are the favorites to land Stoudemire, and he could easily fit into Brandon Wright’s old role as a backup power foward or center. He could also go to Golden State and serve a similar role. It depends on what Stoudemire wants to do because he has an opportunity to prove himself on the court again if he wants.

With all the money that Stoudemire made, there are two factors to consider: likelihood of playoff success and his potential role with the team. He can chase a ring with whatever contender will take him, but if he wants to play, he will go to the Los Angeles Clippers. Since Blake Griffin is out, the Clippers have a major role for him. Wherever Stoudemire goes hopefully he will be able to leave his New York days behind him because he is a better player than that.

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