Vice Sports caught up with former NBA Player and New York Legend Stephon Marbury, who found a rebirth in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), when his career was seemingly over.  The Marbury story is so compelling because he became the joke of the NBA from when he decided he wanted to leave Minnesota early in his career because he was jealous of Kevin Garnett.  Then he drifted his entire NBA career, not only never finding the success he craved, but having teams get better once he left.  It culminated with a very messy parting with his hometown New York Knicks that seemingly destroyed his career.

But the Stephon Marbury story is one of perseverance and redemption.  Who would have thought Marbury could rebound after the infamous ‘Vaseline video‘? But he did, and  now he is the type of star that he always dreamed about.   Not only has Marbury experienced on-court success by winning 2 CBA titles, but he is selling his Starbury shoes, and he even has a play called “I am Marbury“.

It’s a beautiful story because Marbury admitted to HBO Sports that he was in a deep state of depression during his time with the New York Knicks, and China saved his life.  It’s to the point where he says he isn’t coming back even though he has been offered NBA opportunities.  But why would he go back to being just another player when he is the face of a league.

Vice Sports – Stephon Marbury

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