Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel Live was pure comedy.  Even though Kobe has been everywhere lately, his interviews never get old.  Also Kimmel knew the right buttons to push with Kobe to get the optimal response.

Kobe is pure entertainment without even talking.  Kimmel showed him a clip of Nick Young,  Jordan Hill, and Jeremy Lin celebrated a win over the Boston Celtics, and  Kobe’s look was priceless.  If looks could kill, then Nick Young probably would already be dead, but when Kimmel asked Kobe if that would happen if he was there, you could see the steam coming out of Kobe’s ears.  When Kobe did finally speak, he gave a great analogy of how he is the type of guy that will tell you when you have  something in your teeth at a restaurant, so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Even though that was the highlight, the more revealing part of the interview was when Kobe spoke of retirement.  He said that he is only thinking about his rehab, and getting back next season.  But he also said that he doesn’t want a farewell tour, so he wants his retirement to be more low-key.  It may be jumping to conclusions, but that sounds like next season may be his last season unless something changes dramatically with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe Bryant on Injury & Losing  Streak

Kobe Addresses His Retirement

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