Kobe Bryant sat down with Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons for the Grantland Basketball Hour.  Even though Kobe has done so many interviews lately, they never get old.  This particular interview is so great because there was an interesting personal dynamic.  Bill Simmons is an antagonist to everyone, but Jalen Rose and Kobe have history.

Jalen previously admitted to trying to hurt Kobe in 2000 NBA Finals.  Kobe is known to hold a grudge so it added to the tension.  Around the 25 minute mark the situation was addressed in comedic fashion, when Jalen kept it 100 and apologized to Kobe.  Kobe responded by saying that he remembered that incident, and that may be why he put 81 points on the Toronto Raptors when Jalen was there.

Bill and Jalen get the inside scoop, so Kobe provided in-depth analysis on the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Kobe spoke on the Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook dynamic, Westbrook being the player that most reminds him of himself, the hypocrisy of the ‘whose team is it argument’, and the Thunder’s championship window.  It was kind of weird hearing Kobe provide in-depth analysis on another franchise.  It was further evidence that he is already transitioning away from basketball.  But the good news is that he looks like he will be a star in his next field, and he isn’t going away.

Grantland Basketball Hour with Kobe Bryant

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