Showtime and Kobe Inc present Kobe Bryant Muse a documentary based on the life of the Los Angeles  Lakers star.  This unprecedented access gives a glimpse behind the curtain at what it takes to be Kobe Bryant, but it is also sad in a sense.  Kobe being this open and telling all his secrets feels kind of sad because by Kobe telling his story, the ‘Black Mamba‘ loses his aura of invincibility.

The documentary starts before the game where Kobe hurt his achilles tendon.  Then Kobe spoke about the tedious rehab process.  Next Kobe reflected back on his father Joe “Jelly Bean’ Bryant, and how he took the family with him overseas to continue his basketball career.

Kobe doesn’t talk much about his upbringing, so it was very insightful.  The fact that he moved around so much angered Kobe because he would always have to start over, but he harnessed that anger on the basketball court to become one of the greatest players of all-time.

Kobe didn’t shy away from the major controversies in his life, even though he didn’t mention them in-depth.  He addressed his marriage at a young age to Vanessa, and the repercussions of his rape charge in Colorado.  The split with Shaq was the only major Kobe event that wasn’t addressed in the documentary.

Looking back this documentary could be a turning point for the NBA.  The NBA has changed, and Kobe is from the old school.  The younger generation had no idea of how the NBA used to be, and this documentary gives a glimpse of how seriously the greats used to take it.  Kobe was about basketball, and that is why he was able to withstand bad press to remain a superstar over the years.  There will never be another Kobe Bryant, but hopefully this documentary will inspire the future generations that hard work opens doors

Kobe Bryant – Muse (Documentary)

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