Mike Epps AOL Series That’s Racist

Mike Epps AOL series That’s Racist attempts to tackle some of the various stereo-types of races.  each episode starts with a joke or stereo-type and then they go out to confirm or deny the thought.  It is the same concept of The Chappelle Show, but this is more politically correct because all races are participating.


Episode 1      Blacks People Love Fried Chicken

Episode 2     Jews Are Cheap

Episode 3     Asians Can’t Drive

Episode 4     Muslims Are Terrorists

Episode 5     White Men Can’t Jump

Episode 6     Irish Are Drunks

Episode 7     Mexicans Are Lazy

Episode 8     Black People Can’t Swim

Episode 9     All Asians Are Smart

Episode 10    Why Do Racist Jokes Exist?

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