Black Hoosiers – Spike Lee’s Lil’ Joints

Oscar Robertson speaks on his experience with Indiana High School Basketball in Black Hoosiers, one of Spike Lee’s Lil’ Joints film series for ESPN.  Robertson is most known today for being the last man to average a triple double, but considering the time he lived he had to be much more than a basketball player.

Robertson was from an era where racism was the norm and everyone fell in line.  It was telling when Robertson said that when he was coming up in school basketball wasn’t a factor, education was the priority.  Also ‘The Big O’ make it clear the movie Hoosiers was sensationalized because in real life that team didn’t play an all Black team in their state championship run.

Sometimes the older generation may seem surly and bitter, but we have to remember what they went through.  They had to fight for everything they got, so it is hard to fathom how far we have fallen in their eyes.

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