Diddy Arrested at UCLA

Diddy, real name Sean Combs, was arrested by UCLA Police Department for assault with a deadly weapon, a kettle bell.  His son Justin is on the UCLA football team, and reportedly he didn’t like the way the coach was treating his son, so he confronted him, and it escalated.

The coach in question is Sal Alosi, a former strength coach of the New York Jets, who was suspended in 2010 for tripping a player.  No matter the coach’s history, Combs was wrong, and this incident makes it hard to return to the team.  How can the other players respect Justin?

This incident  shows a contrast in styles between Snoop and Combs.  Snoop would chastise his son on their show for being soft, probably talking the same way the coach was talking to Justin, but while Snoop sees that as part of becoming a man, Combs obviously was offended.  To each his own.  Snoop may seem crude, but there is no denying that his son has the NFL dream right in front of him, so who is really right?

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