Jaden Newman Bleacher Report

Jaden Newman is a 10 year-old-girl, who averaged 30 points per game last season for the high school varsity team at Downey Christian School.  She is going to the 6th grade and has been on the varsity team since 3rd grade.  Jaden’s focus is amazing for someone so young as she has it all planned out: go to UCONN, then enter the WNBA, and be the first woman to play in the NBA.

If she grows and keeps shooting who knows what can happen.  To put in perspective how good of a shooter that she is.  She beat Steph Curry in a 3 point shooting contest, and he wanted to win.  Who knows if she will keep this love of the game, but right now she should enjoy these 15 minutes because she has worked hard for it.

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