Controversial ESPN Playmakers Episode 2 [NFL Didn’t Want You to See]


ESPN Playmakers

ESPN Playmakers Episode 2

ESPN Playmakers episode 2 was filled will negative stereotypes about the NFL.  The episode was entitled “The Piss Man” and it detailed the drug testing process.  The process was very demeaning because the players got naked and urinated with the panel watching.  Then there were the insinuations of steroid use,  and doctors covering up medical facts to get players on the field.


ESPN Playmakers Episode 2 Recap (from

The league drug testing official a.k.a. “The Piss Man” is coming and no one knows which two players are on the list. However, Wilbanks gives a heads up to DH to help him save his job. Guard Dog tempts Leon with a way to get his mojo back by offering him drugs, insisting that he would be safe from “The Piss Man”. Olczyk needs to calm his demons, while McConnell’s deals with pain management issues. When the kicker goes down, someone is thrown to “The Piss Man” without warning.

ESPN Playmakers Episode 2

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