Club 520 featuring Draymond Green

Club 520 with Draymond Green

Club 520 had a big coup in getting fellow podcaster Draymond Green to appear on the program. This episode did not disappoint as Jeff Teague and the crew gave Draymond his flowers. They commended how he was instrumental in changing the way the game is played with Stephen Curry. But, it wouldn’t be Club 520 if they didn’t also address the funny moments.

In the interview Draymond went all the way back to the beginning. He advised that he originally planned to go to Michigan. But after an open gym run on a visit, he realized that wasn’t the place for him. He mentioned that he talked trash and no one talked back, so he didn’t feel that was the place for him.

But of course the funniest part of the interview was the incident with Paul Pierce. Draymond reflected on the Warriors and Clipper rivalry, and how Paul Pierce was a victim of that. Pierce was trying to motivate his teammate and Dray was tired of it. Then we got the “They don’t love you like that” moment.

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