Jeezy Tiny Desk Concert 2024

Jeezy Tiny Desk Concert

Jeezy, real name Jay Jenkins, was true to himself in his Tiny Desk Concert for NPR Music at Howard University. He was true to himself and talked his talk, even if it seemed like an awkward setting for him. He performed the trap classics “Standing Ovation”, “Air Forces”, “And Then”, and “Go Crazy”.

For those that are fans of the music, you will appreciate the performance. Unfortunately, it seemed most in the crowd weren’t familiar with his body of work because there wasn’t the energy in the room that you’d expect if they were true fans. To make matters worse, it seemed that he expected them to know the words. There were a few instances where he asked the crowd to sing along, but it got quiet. It was to the point that he implored the crowd to have more energy, and not let momma be the most lit one in here.

It’s sad in a sense because the performance was good in my opinion, but I am a Jeezy fan. He is already receiving backlash over the performance. Some were saying that he is nothing without his ad libs, while others insinuated that he was over the hill. I don’t subscribe to any of those notions because his music has always been niche. Not everyone is in to dope boy rap in general, but it makes sense that college students wouldn’t be that into old trap music. It’s not a refection on anyone, it is what it is.

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