Truth Shock TV made an excellent video, ‘Illuminati Secrets in Plain Sight‘  in which they explore how secrets are hidden in plain sight if you know the meaning.  Some will discount the facts presented in the video because they don’t really want to know the truth, and will explain everything as an outlandish conspiracy theory.  It is easier to believe that everything fits together like you are told and never question anything, but easier isn’t always right.

The video starts by defining ancient symbols, and then showing how many of the most recognizable logos allude  to ancient Illuminati symbols from ancient Egypt.  It wasn’t surprising that logos had symbolism, but it was surprising seeing the number of logos.  It seems that all of the major corporations institute some form of symbolism, which became apparent when the logos were listed on pages.  Some may not agree with the jump from Illuminati symbolism to Satan worship, and think this is a far fetched conspiracy theory.  But the resemblance of the company logos to ancient symbols can’t be denied, so there is some type of alternate meaning, whether it is good or evil.

Watch Conspiracy Theory – Illuminati Secrets in Plain Sight

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