The New $100 Bill Decrypted, offered a doom and gloom prognosis for the future of the world.  According to the video the new $100 bill shows the destruction of the Hoover Dam and New York City via a nuclear missile attack.  Even though it sounds ridiculous, his interpretation can’t just be dismissed because it can’t all just be coincidence.  First off the fact that there is something to find on every new bill lends credence to this particular conspiracy theory.

If there wasn’t supposed to be a hidden message in the money then there shouldn’t have been anything to be found after the ‘Twin Towers’ on the $20 bill.  So this prediction has to be taken seriously, but it’s not like anything can be done to stop it if it is true.   It is impossible to counter something so entrenched in our culture that it is printed on money because no one will believe it.  The indoctrination is so complete that some do not question anything that comes from a ‘higher power’, whether it be government official, boss at work, or religious leader.  Now the saying “if you don’t stand for something then you will fall for anything” makes perfect sense.

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