With the recent Miley Cyrus melt down at the VMAs it is a good time to revisit the Dave Chappelle interview on Inside the Actors Studio.  In this interview Chappelle told it all.  He was on something, and gave the game away, but he smokes weed, so no one takes him seriously. 

The irony is that it is the fact that he smokes weed that makes his observations so relevant in this situation.  The weed gives a different perspective, stimulates thought, and allows the mind to open to see things as they are.

It was eerie how on point Dave Chappelle was when he spoke about Hollywood.  There have been many stories of highly successful people having meltdowns in their life after they make it.  But why is that?

These are the same people who had to be stronger than the rest to make it to the top.  It doesn’t make sense that once they make it they would get overwhelmed unless there was more to meets the eye to the fame.   Enjoy Inside The Actors Studio – Dave Chappelle.

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 Dave Chappelle on Inside the Actors Studio

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