The LEGO Movie – AKA The idiot’s guide to the NWO


Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Aside From the movie Frozen, one of the top family movies for this year was The LEGO Movie.  According to IMDB, it grossed $257,756,197 to date ). This is a great feat, especially considering that this was not a film made by Disney or Nickelodeon.

I will admit, I was late to the game when seeing this movie.  Like most people, I waited for the movie to go the Redbox/Netflix/movie channel/on demand circuit.  Lets face it, a lot of families are penny pinching, and movies are no longer considered “cheap entertainment”.  But I must say, this movie surprised me in how good it really was.  This was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time, and is really made for almost all ages.  I as well as my son enjoyed the movie. However, once you have been a frequent flyer on the vigilant citizen website, it is hard not to notice the subconscious messages and innuendos Hollywood places in all of its art forms.  This movie is no different.

Let’s start with the beginning.  The main character is a generic LEGO construction worker named Emmet.  He is a typical guy, who goes to work, and wants to be popular.  He likes pop music, the popular TV shows, and even follows an instruction booklet on how to be normal and make people like you.  He follows the book to the letter, and there is nothing that makes him different or unique.  His character represents the typical Westerner.  He can also represent the “sheeple” when you look at his lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle of the citizens in his world.

While getting ready for his day, he is watching TV.  The president of his world comes on, aka “President Business” to give an address to the public.  President business is the president, and a CEO of a company called Octan.  It reminded me of former vice president Dick Cheney, who was a chairman and CEO of the company Halliburton during his first year as vice president).

President business is telling people about his upcoming event called “Taco Tuesday”.  He quotes the following during the commercial:

President Business: “Hi, I’m President Business, president of the Octan corporation and the world. Let’s take extra care to follow the instructions or you’ll be put to sleep, and don’t forget Taco Tuesday’s coming next week.

President Business during his “Taco Tuesday” commercial.

After the commercial is done, Emmet has a very brief realization about what President business just said about putting people to sleep who do not follow the rules.  However, he is suddenly distracted by his favorite TV show, “Honey, where are my pants?”.  He immediately forgets the sinister message President business just said on the screen and tries to remember it.  Throughout the movie, it appears that Emmet has a Attention Deficit Disorder.  This is another typical symptom of many in the general public.  Especially at the rate boys and young men are diagnosed with ADD.

Emmet goes through a life changing event after his work is complete.  When he is about to leave the construction site, he notices an intruder rummaging through the site.  When he is about to confront the intruder, he sees that it is an attractive female.  Upon being distracted by her beauty, he falls into a deep hole, and discovers “the piece of resistance”.  The piece of resistance is actually the red cap of a krazy glue bottle.  This piece was what the female was looking for.

When Emmet touches the cap, he gets a vision of things to come, and blacks out.  He wakes up in an interrogation room with a character named Bad Cop.  Bad cop is actually 2 characters in one.  He has a bad cop side and a good cop side.  While interrogating Emmet, his face changes from bad cop mode and good cop mode.  This made me think of the duality that is constantly emphasized in freemasonry and MK Ultra victims.  Also, Emmit being detained against his will when he didn’t commit a crime, shows a police state atmosphere in his world.  This is drilled in our brains on a constant basis.

Emmet tries to convince Bad Cop that he has the wrong guy and is just a regular citizen.  Bad cop proceeds to show him videos of people he knows talking about him.  Emmet is so generic that most of the people do not know his first name, and state the he is unmemorable.  This depresses Emmet, even though the video makes his point about him being an average person.  Bad cop then assigns the robots to kill him while removing the piece of resistance from his back.

Right when he is about to die, the unidentified female saves his life.  An action packed police chase ensues, again showing the militarized police state.  You find out the chic’s name is Wildstyle and that Emmet is “the special” who is destined to save the world.  The special was a prophecy made by a wizard named Vitruvius in the opening credits.  Vitruvius was made blind while fighting President business.  Vitruvius made a prophecy claiming that a person called the special would find the piece of resistance and bring freedom to the LEGO worlds.

Emmet and Wildstyle escape through a hidden portal.  The portal leads to a Wild West LEGO world.  In there, Wildstyle explains how all of the LEGO worlds comingled and were free until President businesss came to power.  The worlds were separated, and people called master builders have been captured.  The master builders have the ability to create anything from the LEGO blocks by using their own minds.  When Wildstyle finds out Emmet isn’t a master builder and just an average joe, she is furious.  She nevertheless brings Emmet to Vitruvius to figure out what they are going to do next.

After Emmet and Wildstyle escaped, Bad Cop is called into President Businesses’ office.  President Business goes into his villain gear and proceeds to show Bad Cop his “relics”.  These relics are normal items in our world such as band aids, q tips, etc… In the LEGO world, they are used as torture methods.  The movie takes a dark turn when President Business eradicates the Good Cop face using a Q Tip and nail polish remover.  Reminds me of how handlers erase and create personalities on MK Ultra victims.  He then makes Bad Cop attack his own parents using the crazy glue to freeze them forever.  You find out President Business’s plan is to freeze the LEGO worlds permanently with krazy glue aka “KRAGLE” and will do so on the Taco Tuesday event.

Emmet and the master builders are chased through various LEGO worlds.  The world where the master builders are to meet up is called Cuckoo Land.  This is a land with all party and no rules, hosted by UniKitty.  First thing you notice in Cuckoo Land?? One eye shaped LEGOs all over the place.

One of the many all seeing eyes in Cuckoo landOne of the many all seeing eyes in Cuckoo land

Emmet makes a horrible first impression with the master builders.  So much so, that they initially refuse to help him in the cause to save the LEGO worlds.  Soon after, Bad Cop shows up and detains almost all of the master builders, while destroying Cuckoo Land at the same time.  The main characters narrowly escape Bad Cop by building a submarine to enter the ocean below.  While the master builders made a submarine, Emmet builds the one invention he always had in mind: a double decker couch.  What was considered the most useless invention ends up saving their lives when the submarine breaks apart underwater.  They end up hiding in the double decker couch, which floated them to the surface.

One of the first master builders who bailed saves them from the sea.  The character is Metalbeard.  He has hope in defeating President business after seeing Emmet’s “useless” invention being ignored by Bad Cop and his minions.  He sees that Emmet has the potential to do great things.  Emmet proceeds to make a plan in infiltrating President Business’s office and adding the piece of resistance to the Kragle.  The plan is to also save the master builders from bondage.

While infiltrating the office, you find out where the master builders are being held.  They are all detained in a room called the Think Tank.  The Think Tank has all of the master builders locked in a cell block with a mind reader attached to their heads.  Whenever President Business wants something built, he activates the Think Tank, and the master builders create what he wants.  The creativity of the builders is blocked, and they are forced to produce objects that are only approved by President Business.  The process kind of reminds you of how music industry is run today, autotune and all.

Superman attached to the Think TankSuperman attached to the Think Tank

Emmet’s plan works up to the very end.  President business captures everyone including the wizard Vitruvius, and then beheads him in front of everyone.  Before he dies, Vitruvius admits to Emmet that the prophecy was made up.  He later comes back as a ghost to finish his speech.  He convinces Emmet that he is special and still can save the world even though all seems lost.  Meanwhile, President business turns against bad cop and leaves him to die with the other master builders while he goes through with his plan.  Emmet manages to save the master builders by risking his own life falling into a black hole.  You find out the black hole leads to our world where the “creaters” are located. After life anyone?

The creators of the LEGO world: Father and SonThe creators of the LEGO world: Father and Son

The creators of the world are a father and his 8 yr old son.  The father represents president business in the LEGO world, and is the one who wants to glue all of the LEGOs together permanently.  The son wants to keep the LEGOs creative and open world.  Against his father’s wishes, he takes apart the LEGOs his dad made to build the characters and worlds he likes.  The dad starts glueing the pieces together, which is causing the Taco Tuesday apocalypse in the LEGO world.  Emmet gets enough strength to get the piece of resistance while the dad isn’t looking, and the son returns Emmet to the LEGO world to defeat President business.  In other words, Emmet is now resurrected from the dead.

It is upon the return to the LEGO world that Emmet becomes “enlightened”.  He now has the master builder ability and is able to build a Gundam style machine robot to help defeat President business.  Its amazing how Hollywood loves emphasizing the human/robot merging or transhumanism.  While this is going on in LEGO world, the dad takes notice of all of the unique things his son has made with the LEGOs and has a change of heart. The son convinces the dad not to glue all of the LEGOs together, and Emmet convinces President business not to do so as well.  He states that everyone is special in their own way and he can save the world by not using the Kragle (krazy glue).  President business joins the good guys and the LEGO world is saved for now.

This moving is very entertaining, but has the usual messages to please the NWO.  Even with the happy ending, one has to wonder what effects the subliminal messages have on the audience.  Have we all become dumbed down and oblivious like Emmet was in the beginning of the movie?  I believe so.  But I believe we can change our path for the better if we wake up and smell the coffee as a society.  Let’s stop letting the President business’s of the world tell us what we are capable of achieving, and remind the world that all lives are special.

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