Ukraine – Is the US Government Responsible for the World?


There have been riots going on in the Ukraine because the citizens are fighting for their independence from Russia, so they can move more toward a more European/Western capitalist society.  Although they are an independent country the people feel like their President is just a puppet for the Russian government, and their rights are not being protected like they should be as an independent state.

Typically stories like this don’t gain traction in the USA because there is always fighting somewhere, but this one did probably because of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.  The media coverage of the story has left Barack Obama and the US Government in an unenviable position because Americans are supposed to be champions of democracy around the world, but we need Russian support in the War on Terror, so what should we do?

The images of protesters being shot resonates in America and causes a big uproar because as a society we are soft and are easily affected by death.  What we fail to realize is that in other countries they see death everyday, so they are not afraid of it and in some cases welcome it.  In some cases death is even seen as a glorious end, which is the problem we are having with suspected terrorists.

Should America help Ukraine gain their independence? if so what happens when their agenda crosses with America’s agenda? Helping Ukraine could not only alienate Russia, but it could also eventually empower a new enemy.  This is the same scenario that helped create Osama Bin Laden, and we know how that turned out.

Should the US Government continue being the moral compass of the world? or should we just worry about our problems? Do we have all the answers where we should be forcing our views on the world? It is an interesting dilemma and there isn’t really a right answer.  It’s really a no win situation, but what do you think we should do?

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